Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Dominion Chronicles"

As you can see, in the last week there has been quite a bit of excavating going on at The Dominion. The berms are in the process of being built up and we are quite excited about Canberra Park as we mentioned in the last post! So you may ask, what is a berm?

For centuries, berms have been used for privacy, to protect certain areas, to fortify or insulate structures, and to add spice to one's landscape. These are raised earthen areas; more recently, their popularity in gardening areas is on the rise. Surrounded with heavy timbers, stone retaining walls, or free-standing, they are an attractive means by which you can create the illusion of more topography, a more three-dimensional site, in level areas.
Gently sloped berms are great for erosion control and can be also be useful for adding eco-friendly privacy.

As of today, eleven lots, out of the 74 have already sold...this community across from the Searcy Country Club will be a popular one, offering something noone else has in the Searcy area has done.

This is the first of two homes being constructed at The Dominion...this model home is by J Stevens Builders. We'll have lots to talk about when it comes to a Stevens built we've mentioned before, there are only three approved builders for this development and they are all top notch when it comes to design and quality. This model home is currently in the framing stage and we can't wait to share more with you in the upcoming weeks!

Here is the layout for the second spec home, by Gerald Lynch, already under construction at The Dominion...we'll be posting detailed information, pricing, etc. in the next couple of posts on both of these properties...stay tuned!

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