Monday, June 9, 2008

Having trouble finding the right closing or housewarming gift?

Well, look no further! It's sometimes a very hard thing to do! I always get my fabulous buyers a closing gift, usually a gift card of some sort. There are usually items needed for their new home, whether it's paint, light fixtures or a updating project that they would like to do, but sometimes you just want to get them something fun and unique! Same thing goes when I am getting someone a housewarming gift. When I am not working with buyers and sellers, my full-time career I love, I am painting...I found the CafePress store online because I wanted to be able to use the designs I created for more than just a sale on an original. You can put the designs on almost anything and I especially love the items for the home. There is fantastic stationary as well that you can personalize for thank you cards, etc... or just leave blank and use for any occasion! Check it out at - there are thousands of products at great prices and not just in my store but others as well!!! I've pictured a few samples in this post!

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