Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Coldwell Banker Complete Realty Family

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know about our team of fantastic and professional Realtors that I consider my CB family! Our beautiful office is very inviting and we love having clients pop in at anytime and know their needs will be taken care of! When I say team, I mean just that. Most offices have individual agents who take care of themselves and are for the most part, very professional. They don't, however, have the available help of numerous other agents to help them with their business because they are afraid they will lose customers, therefore, money in their pocket. We don't operate that way. Each of our clients and customers are not "ours" - they are Coldwell Banker Complete clients and customers. We work together to make sure ALL of our transactions are handled in a professional, but friendly manner, and that you will come back to us to fulfill any needs you may have in the real estate field. We are all close and spend time really talking about each individual party that we are representing - that enables us to either market the property in a more timely manner or find the perfect property for a particular individual or family. Our Principal Broker/Owner is Sherry Conley, our full-time agents are myself, an Executive Broker, Stephanie Dalrymple, Amy Kerr, Janice Wright, Robin Joseph, Rebecca Stone, David Hamilton, David Dale, Doug Carpenter, Gina Richey, Letty Fuller, Kristi Feagin, Ken Russell and Brandon Jones. We also have some great part-time agents that are in the office as much as possible, John Talkington, Tom Worley, Roxanne Miles, Denise Flores, Michelle Moore, Jim Gowen, Joy Sterling and Darian Weaver. We have our own Marketing Director, Wendi McAfee, that takes care of all advertising, marketing materials and is invaluable in aiding us with our needs in selling your property! We also couldn't do without our Office Manager, Janet Fisher! If you walk through that door, rest assured, she will take good care of you as she does all of us on a daily basis and is extremely helpful and friendly. Come see us - you won't be disappointed. That's why our franchise, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation has been around over 100 years and has millions of satisfied, repeat customers! Become one of them today. We really appreciate you and your business. Thanks to my CB family for making me happy to go work each day!

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